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GERMANY (D1Netz + D2 privat) (2 PART)

Hutchison Telecom (D2):

GER-HUT-01 PIC 33 Hutchison Telecom, PIC=Hutchison Telecom D2 privat

Ford (D2): card installed in Ford-automobiles having a GSm installed at purchase of a new car.

GER-FOR-01 PIC 34 white card, PIC= FORD+PIC number

Mobil-Com (D1):

GER-MOB-01 PIC 41 white card Mobil-Com, PIC=D1

GER-MOB-02 GSM 41 Mobil-com standard logo TELEKOM D1

Manesmann Mobilfunk (D2):

GER-MAN-01 GSM 35 white card and grey text

GER-MAN-02 GSM 33 white card and gblue/red text

GER-MAN-03 GSM 35 Woman by car 06.92, 17.000 issued

GER-MAN-04 GSM 35 Man painting 01.93, 30.000 issued

GER-MAN-05 GSM 13 Woman by car 06.93, 30.000 issued

GER-MAN-06 GSM 13 It's my Line 08.93, 30.000 issued

GER-MAN-07 PIC 17 Man looking right, PIC=D2 Privat

GER-MAN-08 PIC 32 Man looking left, PIC=D2 Privat

GER-MAN-09 GSM 13 It's my Line 03.93, 30.000 issued

GER-MAN-10 GSM 33 Klaus Ludwig

GER-MAN-11 PIC 33 Klaus Ludwig , PIC=D2 privat

GER-MAN-12 GSM 33 Ellen Lohr

GER-MAN-13 PIC 18 Birgit Schrowange,PIC=D2 privat

GER-MAN-14 GSM 18 Harry Rosin


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